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 "I was very pleased at how quickly we received our zip line kit! My granddaughter said " this is the best gift ever!" Thank you for a quality zip line kit and equipment.  Also for the prompt service that brought such joy!!!"
- Pamela, MO.
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We carry a wide variety of zip line kits. Our SkyLine Zip Line kits are great for small children.  The Black Raptor zip line kit is great for up to 250 lbs and distances up to 200'.  Our Hornet zip line kits are also good to 250 lbs and 500'.  Our heavy duty, high end, commercial rated Torpedo Zip Line Kits are good for up to 350 lbs and much longer distances.  There are enough zip line kits here to accomodate any family.
If adventure is what you want, this  is the zip line kit for you.  It features a state of the art Torpedo trolley made of stainless steel, with dual ball bearings for added life and durability.  As an added safety feature this zip line kit comes with a brake, Big Boy seat and all the hardware needed to set up your zipline cable.

Zip line tolleys are one of the key components to a safe and fun zip line ride.  With so many choices we are sure to have the perfect zip line trolley for you.  Our ZLP brand of zip line trolleys are built to last and manufactured here local in Oregon.
Our Zipline Brake Block Kit is a must have for use on most zip lines kits. It ensures a smooth, safe finish at the end of a crazy ride. These can easily be added to your existing zip line kits without taking your cable down. Comes in a variety of bungee lengths to suit your needs.
"Our zip line kit was the best in our Amazing Race themed party. My kids continue to use the zipline without any assistance, ages 5 & 9. It works great for adults too. Now I'm looking for a place to put a 200ft zipline. 
Thanks Backyard Zip Lines!"
- Lee, OR.

Thanks for visiting us! We specialize in quality home zip lines and accessories for the entire family to enjoy. We are a family owned and operated business located just outside Portland Oregon, and we ship all throughout the US, Canada and the rest of the world. We sold our first zip line kit from our first 500 sq ft shop 6 years ago and now we've grown to shipping thousands of zip lines all over the world each year. We are here to help and would love to answer any questions you may have. We have a large selection of residential zip line equipment and accessories to enhance the zip line experience for kids and adults. Whatever you need – a pulley, trolley, home zipline kit, installation ideas, custom built brake block kits, harness, or other zip line accessories for your zip line, we have the supplies you’re looking for!  

The ZLP Hornet Zipline Trolley is the premier handlebar trolley on the market today.  Its innovative design allows you to easily remove the trolley from the cable without taking your cable down.  The Hornet zip line trolley is also now available in Hot Pink.
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