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Backyard Zip Lines Blog

Backyard Zip Lines Blog

Backyard Zip Lines are fun for the whole family

by Backyard Zip Lines on 10/11/13

Backyard Zip Line kits will give your children hours of healthy outdoor fun while improving strength, athletic skills & self esteem. Backyard Zip lines are becoming very popular to be used as a way of entertainment & fun suitable for the whole family, the young ones and the grown ups. Backyard Zip Lines make great gifts and are a big hit at birthday parties! Your child can zip down the line with one of  harnesses kits. We know how big of a concern safety is for our customers which is why we provide the highest quality in harnesses for your children to assure their safety and peace of mind for the parents while enjoying the fun with the whole family!

Halloween Hornet Zip Line Kit Giveaway!

by Backyard Zip Lines on 10/10/13

Enter for a chance to win our Halloween Hornet Zip Kit from Backyard Zip Lines! Also if you like us on facebook or share our post, it counts as an entry as well! We Love our Customers and we would love for you to win our Hornet Zip Kit! Enter Now thru 10-30-13 Winner will be announced Halloween 10-31-13 Follow this link to enter Good Luck!

Choosing the Right Zip Line Kit

by Backyard Zip Lines on 10/30/10

Welcome to the Backyard Zip Lines Blog.  To start this off I thought that we can go over some of the basics of zip lines and how to choose what zip line kit might suit you best.  Some of the key factors in determining what kit to purchase are: how long of a zip line do you have?  what weight limit are you looking for?  how do you want to ride your zip line? and how fast do you want it to go?  Answering these questions will help you decide which zip line kit is for you.

The longer the zip line the thicker the cable you are going to want.  The recommended maximum length for the kits are: Basic Sit Down Kit - 150 feet, the Hornet Kits - 200 feet, the Torpedo Kits - 500 feet.

Weight limits for the kits are as follows: the Basic Sit Down Kit - 150 lbs., the Hornet Kits - 250 lbs, the Torpedo Kits - 350 lbs

Next you need to determine how you want to ride your zip line: handle, seat, or harness?  The Hornet Zip Kit comes with just a handle, all the other kits come with a handle as well as a seat.  A childs or adult harness kit is also available and can be added to all of the zip line kits that we carry.

How fast do you want to go?  This is more determined by the decline of the cable, but can also be affected by the trolley.  The Fusion trolley in the Basic Sit Down Kit is rated at 45 mph.  Both the Hornet trolley and the Torpedo Trolley are rated over 100 mph.

One last thing to consider is getting a brake for your zip line.  We recommend any zip line over 100' in length and/or 6% in decline should use a brake to slow the riders down at the end of the ride.  The Ultimate Torpedo kit comes with a brake.  For all other zip line kits, the brake would need to be purchased seperately.

Hopefully this will help in your decision to purchase the right zip line kit.